10 Crazy Extreme Sports Crashes

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10 Crazy Extreme Sports Crashes! Surf, BMX, MTB, FMX & More Subscribe here for daily X-Treme Videos: http://goo.gl/NPT1Hz

The riders constantly push their limits. Crashes are an inevitable part of our sports. This Crash compilation remind us that our sports are dangerous, Protect Yourself!

Enjoy & feel free to send us your own footage if you've filmed something awesome. ([email protected])

10) 00:06 -- Dead Fork Crash http://goo.gl/9rL7t7
9) 00:17 -- Freeski Rail Crash
8) 00:27 -- Mini Bike Tamdem Backflip Crash http://goo.gl/Fd9zTO
7) 00:33 -- Jason Phelan Rail to Backflip Crash http://goo.gl/093vnZ
6) 00:41 -- BMX 360 Invert Crash http://goo.gl/DnEvtV
5) 00:48 -- MTB Flair Tailwhip Crash http://goo.gl/A5EQWr
4) 00:56 -- FMX Joel Brown Crash By Heidrich Films http://goo.gl/BCRnHk
3) 01:07 -- Bodyboard Crash from "6 Months" by Ewan Donnachie http://goo.gl/CpVeHE
2) 01:31 -- Freeride Ski Crash http://goo.gl/w2TKzx
1) 01:52 -- Surf Massive Wave Crash from "Fighting Fear" by KMmvmnt http://goo.gl/mFmlp1

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Edit : Anthony Abbadie

Music :

Radikal Wrestling Instrumental -- Francois -- Maxime Boutault KOK2361 / UNIPPM

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