Murdoch Mysteries (S09E09) Raised on Robbery

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IDMb rating: 8,4/10
Μια περίπλοκη ληστεία τράπεζας διακινδυνεύει τη φήμη του Μέρντοκ.
Director: Eleanore Lindo
Writers: Maureen Jennings (characters), Paul Aitken, R.B. Carney (developed for television by)
Stars: Yannick Bisson, Thomas Craig, Helene Joy

While Murdoch is in the bank to apply for a house mortgage, there\'s an alert from the vault. Initially the banker believes only to bags of cash stolen, later he realizes the plates for printing bank notes are also missing, to his head office director\'s horror. The loot was probably evacuated easily at it\'s \'baby day\', when young parents can earn $5 by opening an account for their kid. Brackenried conveys the commissioner\'s worries how it will look that such major theft was committed in a detective\'s presence. Murdoch and Crabtree proceed to a painstaking series of reconstruction attempts, interlacing with Brackenreid\'s initiative to host a live football (socker) match report for his supports club, starring Crabtree. These are complicated as they involve many people and technology, but Murdoch outsmarts everyone, yet can\'t prevent a tragic finale with a major aftermath for him and Julia.

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