Sakis Rouvas - Se Thelw San Trelos (2000)

129 Προβολές
Afto einai to epishmo klip, to arxiko pou eixe kykloforisei gi'afto to tragoudi. To vrika se kali analysi. Einai ena apo ta wraiotera kata ti gnwmh mou.

English translation of the lyrics:


Look at that
so many wonders, and I
I'm chasing my own ego
Look at that situation
the other dimension is here
and i'm afraid to see it

No more lies
there are issues
and dreams that last
my love let's go again

I want you like crazy
and so I'm getting able
to resist
not sit silent
I want you like crazy
like a blind man looking for the light
and what can be endured
he welcomes it naked

Look at how i'm stuck
i've got a problem as well
i'm chasing my own shadow
my time goes by
I'm left alone
and I'm clapping my wings in emptiness

No more lies
words and looks
years gone by
they all become present

Let's go for other greater
more beautiful things
Let's go for other stuff
forget the rest
they're in the past now
Greek Music
Γίνε ο πρώτος που θα σχολιάσει