Wire in the blood (S01E03) Shadows Rising: Part 01 (Robson Green) 720p

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Dr. Hill strives to deduce the connection between the bodies of two teenage girls dumped in a lake and the motives for their murder.

Ο Δρ χιλ προσπαθεί να συμπεράνει τη σύνδεση μεταξύ των πτωμάτων δύο έφηβων κοριτσιών που ρίχτηκαν σε μια λίμνη και τα κίνητρα για τη δολοφονία τους.
Director: Nicholas Laughland (as Nick Laughland)
Writers: Alan Whiting (screenplay by), Val McDermid (based on the novel \"The Wire in the Blood\" by)
Stars: Lucy Wood, Alan Williams, Robson Green
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