NAZARETH " The Ballads "

284 Προβολές
Nazareth e Dan McCafferty
1-I Don't want to go on without you 00:00
2-Sunshine 3:38
3-Games 7:42
4-Where are you now 12:15
5-Moonligh eyes 16:05
6-Dream On 19:37
7-Star 23:01
8-Hearts Grown Cold 27:53
9-Love Hurts 32:00
10-Broken Down Angel 35:43
11-Shot Me Down 39:12
12-Winner On The Night 42:29
13-Laid To Wasted 44:47
14-Every Time It Rains 49:00
15-My Simply Song 53:01
16-Moondance 57:34
17-Starry Eyes 1:02:05
18-Radio 1:06:44
19-Country Girl 1:10:48
20-Place in your heart 1:14:46
21-Fallen Angel 1:17:42
23-Love Leads To Madness
24-Enough Love
25-May Heaven Keep You
26-Holy Roller
27-Hang on to a Dream
28-The Great Pretender
29-Going Home
32-All The King Horses
33-Carry out feelings
34-Burning Down
35-Dying Breed
36-Piece of my Hearth
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