Lionel Messi ● Most Important Goals Ever - The Big Games Man HD

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A compilation of Lionel Messi's most important goals ever with FC Barcelona & Argentina.
Lionel Messi always performs in the important matches no matter how big is the game. In fact, he has scored 26 goals in 29 finals and he always helps his team qualifying to the next round! He scored many league title deciders as well. And this is why we call him THE BIG GAMES MAN!

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This video includes the following:
Lionel Messi first goal vs Bayern Munich UCL Semi-Final 2015
Lionel Messi amazing ''Boateng'' goal vs Bayern Munich UCL Semi-Final 2015
Lionel Messi amazing freekick vs Atletico Madrid La Liga 2011-12
Lionel Messi last minute goal vs Iran World Cup 2014
Lionel Messi 2 goals vs Real Madrid UCL Semi-Final 2011 (including the amazing solo goal)
Lionel Messi amazing solo goal vs Atheltic Bilbao Copa Del Rey Final 2015
Lionel Messi Super Hattrick (4 Goals) vs Arsenal UCL 2010
Lionel Messi amazing header goal vs Manchester United UCL Final 2009
Lionel Messi goal vs Manchester United UCL Final 2011
Lionel Messi hattrick vs Real Madrid in 2007 aged 19
Lionel Messi hattrick vs Real Madrid 2013-14 at the Bernabeu
And many, many more!

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