Bronski Beat Smalltown Boy Bass Cover with Notes and Tablature

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Song: Smalltown Boy
Artist: Bronski Beat
Album: The Age of Consent (1984)
Bass: Steinberger XP-2
Strings: D'Addario ESXL170 Nickel Wound, Round Wound, Double Ball-End .45 .65 .80 .100
Sound: Digitech BP-8 Valve Preamp/Processer (Compressor, Preamp, Equalizer)
Bass Signal: Rapco Horizon Company DB-1 High to Low Impedance Converter
Mixer: Phonic AM240
Camera: Canon FS200
Standard Tuning

"Smalltown Boy" is a 1984 song by the British synthpop group Bronski Beat. It was released in June 1984, and appeared on the band's debut album The Age of Consent, released in December 1984.

The song is a popular gay anthem and was a big commercial success, reaching number 3 in the band's native UK. It was also a number 1 hit in the Netherlands and Italy, and hit the top 10 in Australia, Canada, France, and Switzerland. The track reached number 48 in the US pop chart and was a number 1 US dance hit.

The song was released again in December 2013 after featuring in a Christmas advertising campaign for Boots UK.

Song meaning

The song addresses key issues in 1980s LGBT culture. It addresses family rejection for being homosexual and homophobia in British society. It also deals with loneliness and bullying through societal and familial rejection.

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Bass performed by Constantine Isslamow
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