Barbarella - We Cheer You Up (Join The Pin-Up Club)(Live@Pin-Up Club,1988,Netherlands)

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Barbarella - We Cheer You Up (Join The Pin-Up Club)
Label:Corduroy Records ‎
Arranged - Hannibal , Hans Jansen, Jacques Zwart
Producer - Hannibal
Written - Hans Jansen,Jef Raider,P. Frush
Profile:Barbarella was an all-female dance/pop trio from the Netherlands, who released two albums in their short-lived career during 1989–1991 – Sucker For Your Love, and Don't Stop The Dance.
They first came to prominence performing in the Dutch TV show, The Pin Up Club, around 1988/1989, eventually recording and releasing what was to become its theme song, "We Cheer You Up (Join The Pin Up Club)". The song, a happy uptempo pop song in the Euro disco vein of that time, quickly hit the Top 10 in their native the Netherlands and gathered some momentum and interest around the European Continent.
Members:Angela Vermeer, Ingrid Brans, Leslie Doornik
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