Sabrina - Boys(Summertime Love)(Live@On Stage Japan,1988)

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Sabrina - Boys(Summertime Love)
Label:Polydor,Five Records
Executive-Producer, Mixed By - Matteo Bonsanto,Roberto Rossi
Producer - Claudio Cecchetto
Written-By - Claudio Cecchetto,Malcom Charlton,Matteo Bonsanto,Roberto Rossi
(P) + (C) 1987 Licensed by Five Records S.R.L. Milano.
Published by Canale 5 Music/DJ's Gang/Melodie der Welt

Real Name:Norma Sabrina Salerno
Profile:Born: 15.03.1968 in Genova, Italy.
In her native town, Genova, she attended the Foreign Languages High School. But as early as at the age of 15 she started winning Beauty Contests: first Miss Seaside, then Miss Liguria. In 1986 Sabrina starts her career as a show-girl, in the TV program "Premiatissima" with Johnny Dorelli. Later on she took part in the Channel 5 show "Grand Hotel": it was on that occasion that she met DJ and producer Claudio Cecchetto. The same year Cecchetto produces for her "Sexy Girl", Sabrina's first hit in the Italian and German charts. Between 1987 and 1988 the Artist takes part as a singer in the "Sandra & Raimondo TV Show": during the Summer her first album is released, with the simple title "Sabrina". With "BOYS" (recently remixed for the international markets) Sabrina tops all European, South-American and Australian charts.
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