Ancient Aliens S13E12 ~ They Came from the Sky

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It took until the 1860s for scientists to establish a consensus that meteors not only fell from the sky but originated in outer space, rather than from the ejecta of volcanoes or other earthlier explanations. Surprisingly, however, it took a very short time for antiquarians to begin suggesting that famous rocks from history were cosmic in origin. The Rev. Basil Henry Cooper, writing in 1867, correctly intuited that the Egyptians made use of meteoric iron, a fact not confirmed archaeologically for half a century. In a paper delivered in 1895, Arthur Harvey spoke about “Aerolites and Religion” and declared that “It would be surprising if in the earlier ages of the world men had not seen in the meteorite not merely a message from the gods but a messenger, a very god himself.” He concluded, most likely correctly, that many ancient divine statues and sacred rocks said to have fallen from heaven were meteors, such as the black stone at the corner of the Kaaba, the divine black stone of Emesa (modern Homs) in Syria, and many other examples besides.
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