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(Documentary-2K quality)The latest scientific research has shown today that the sky, which our ancestors saw in the past, was far more "active" in relation to that of today.
A research team led by Dr. Anthony Peratt (at the principal USA particle research center at Los Alamos), studied four million rock art petroglyphs worldwide.Their findings have been a surprising revelation and confirmation of countless traditions worldwide on celestial phenomena that accompanied the recent past planetary "titanomachies”.

From the core of the narrative of the Titanomachy and the "adventure" of Phaethon, up to the tracking of the great astronomer of antiquity, Orpheus (on the top of Pangeo mountain by a celestial rotating “dragon”), and up to the head of Medusa, the Gorgoneion, whose cosmic rays petrified people, there are countless traditions that describe all these events and cosmic catastrophes on Earth.
Antediluvian courageous rescuers, carriers of high, altruistic civilization, who were forced to resort to mountains and caves due to global disasters by "cosmic invaders", they have left us their warnings and their heritage through stories, but mainly through prehistoric rock art worldwide.

Today the implementation of a selfless proposal for Earth shielding from space threats (that was made in 2011) has already started by a leading space research group.

The film was based on the work of: NASA, ESA, CERN, Los Alamos Laboratories - Dr A. Peratt, Nobel Laureates Dr H. Alfven & Dr I. Langmuir, Dr A. Gurevich, Dr T. Ebisuzaki, L.A.S.E.R. Scientific Rescuing Team, Thales, Heraclitus, Dr J. Pelton, Dr I. Ashurbeyli, JCook, countless other ancient and modern altruists and current electrocosmologists, to whom we are grateful!

PRODUCTION:Visaltis-Documentary & Earth Shield Lab Team
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